The Táin – Ep. 1


A “táin” is a raid.  Ancient Irish tribes used to stage raids (typically cattle raids) to demonstrate strength and acquire wealth.  One of the famous Irish legends is the Táin Bó Cuailnge, or the Cattle Raid of Cooley.


  1. An interesting start to this new story arc Anthony. Were the photographs above taken with your new camera? I like the Irish letter tiles. Where did you get those from? And the sandbags used in The Dead story?

  2. Thanks! I did take this whole story with the new camera, but I didn’t like it. It was missing too many functions my old camera had, so I returned it.

    I made the letter tiles myself the way I did most of the similar signage in town: I printed it on clear label sheets using Microsoft Word, affixed the labels after trimming, and then gave a coat of clear nail polish to seal the ink and make the label more transparent.

    The sandbags are these from eBay:

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