Complete Stories

Because some of the story arcs at Ballinabricky are so long, it can be difficult to catch up if you missed one. Here are links to the complete stories. Each one appears with all strips on a single page.

The Travail of Passion 6/9/14-10/15/14 – William Butler Yeats, feeling lonesome and desperate after being rejected yet again by Maud Gonne, makes a pact with the Devil and unwittingly raises the Dearg Due, and ancient Irish vampiress.  Can he and his friends stop her before she destroys the town?

The Stolen Child 10/17/14-12/10/14 –  A young boy goes missing.  Jonathan Swift stands accused of kidnapping the boy and making him into stew.  Can his friends find the boy in time to save Swift?

Riders To The Sea 12/12/14-1/21/15 – A stage production of J.M. Synge’s one-act play.

The Dead 1/23/15-7/7/15 – In The Dead, Bosie seeks to impress Oscar and eliminate Speranza by making a pact with the Fear Dubh.  He raises the Slua, endangering all of Ballinabricky with an invasion of undead.

The Táin 7/10/15-9/22/15 – In The Táin, Brendan Behan pushes Finbar Greenjacket too far and finds himself enchanted to believe that he is Finn McCool. He gets in much trouble stealing from all the leprechaun kings and picks a fight with a giant.

The Coffin Ship 9/23/15-12/4/15 – In The Coffin Ship, an art heist in Yorkton brings the famed crimestopper, The Guard, to Ballinabricky.

The Rising Of The Moon 12/11/15-4/1/16 – A comedic, political play by Lady Gregory taking in themes of duty, nationalism, music, and mistaken identity.

Horseman, Pass By 4/11/16-5/13/16 – “Horseman, Pass By” was originally published as a guest strip on Bricks of the Dead and ran concurrently with a portion of the story “Overruled.”  Dave, an American, visits Ballinabricky as a schoolteacher, falls in love, and tries to save the day.

Overruled 4/8/16-8/26/16 – Seamus “The Shark” O’Sharkey gets Wolfgang Adler out of prison and works several devious plans at once.

Broken Dreams 9/2/16-1/17/17 – Hardboiled private detective Acey Spades is on the case in this film-noir mystery involving adultery, gangsters, drug running, and murder!

The Shadowy Waters 12/12/16-1/6/17 – Zombie story that takes place on an 18th century Dutch whaling vessel in the Antarctic. This originally ran as a guest strip on Bricks of the Dead.

The Devil’s Disciple 1/24/17-5/5/17 – Willie Yeats is possessed by a ghost drawn from Yiddish folklore.

Johnson’s Motor Car 5/12/17-5/23/17 – A depiction of the popular rebel song based on a true story.

Fools of Fortune 5/26/17-10/10/17 – Four gamblers use their military training to pull off a well-coordinated heist.

Trouble in the Glen 10/20/17 – 5/4/18 — A mysterious couple camps out in the glen, and the residents of Ballinabricky seek magical help for what ails them. Be careful what you wish for…

Finnegan’s Wake 5/8/18-6/8/18uisce beatha lives up to its name

Chamber Music 6/15/18-2/27/19 — Acey Spades is on the case when a violin heist turns to murder.

Three Wishes 3/6/2019-9/4/2019 — Blacksmith Billy Dawson tries to outwit the Devil.

The Sisters 9/11/2019-6/17/2020 — The Sisters get a new Mother General, and she wants to shake things up.

Báidín Fheilimí 6/24/2020-7/15/2020 — Phelim tries to take his little boat from Gola to Tory in this classic Irish song.

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