A Tour With Michaleen Flynn


So in addition to family, friends, and famous authors, I have also replicated the entire cast of The Quiet Man.  I don’t intend to use them for much more than “extras,” so I figure, hey, if other webcomics can use Batman or Darth Vader, what’s wrong with a little nod of admiration to my favorite movie?

Last year, I built a Lego train to run around my Christmas tree.  After I took the decorations down, I needed something to make my train look pretty on the bookshelf, so I decided to make a platform and station.  Since I couldn’t sink the tracks like you see above, I had to “build up” the rest of the building.  This leaves me with a space beneath the floor and platform which is mostly hollow.  I designed it in the hopes that I would one day put the guts of a Lego 9V control console in there and turn the entire station into a working train control that doesn’t break the “fourth wall” of the model village.  The dial for the console presented an unexpected challenge when I took one apart, so I’m not entirely sure how I will do it, only that it’s “do-able” with enough modification (I just don’t know enough about circuits and electricity yet).

In the film, we don’t get to see much of the train station besides the platform, so I was left to create an interior and front that worked.