The Non-Literary Cast of Ballinabricky

Some characters experience haircuts, shaves, or wardrobe changes over the course of the stories. They may appear somewhat different in previous stories.

Quick Find (alphabetical order):

Angelo Fallon
Anne Hogan
Al Fallon
Alan Douglas
Anne Fallon
Anthony Fallon

Brian Douglas

Caitlín Douglas
Captain Reynolds
Charles O’Malley
Chief O’Brien
Chief Joseph
Cormac Fitzdrezel
Cyril Playfair

Davey Cohan
David Julius
Dann Briscoe
Danielle Kelly
Danny Ó Freathail
Deacon Jones
Declan McDormic
Dermot Fahy
Doc Barry
Dónaill Ó Dónaill

Elizabeth Playfair
Emmet Roberts
Erica Barry

Fear Dubh
Finbar Greenjacket

Gordon Greene

Hugh Bailey
Hugh Forbes
Hugh O’Flaherty

Jess Fallon
Judge Lynch

Leprechauns of Connacht
Leprechauns of Leinster
Leprechauns of Meath
Leprechauns of Munster
Leprechauns of Ulster
Judge Lynch

Margaret Douglas
Mary Kate Thornton
Mayor Butler
Michael Hogan
Mickeleen Flynn

Napper Tandy
Niall Shillelagh
Nora Greene

Pat Hogan
Pat Fallon
Peter Lonergan

Riobhca Cohan
Rosie Fallon

Sam Briscoe
Sarah Tillane
Sean Hogan
Sean Thornton
Sister M. Ratched
Sister M. Annella
Sister M. Rita
Sister M. Therese

Tadhg Sweeney
Thom Barry
Thomas Davis
Tony Fallon
Tuckoo Thornton

Vinny Kelly
Washington Hopper
Will Danaher

Dr. Anthony “Tony” Fallon – Alter-ego of the strip’s creator. Tony teaches college courses at Colaiste Brógán at night.

Napper Tandy – Local tramp. Often has inside knowledge of the seedy underbelly of Ballinabricky.

Vinny and Dani Kelly – Dani is an Egyptologist and lecturer. Vin is a bookeeper.

Finbar Greenjacket – King of the Leprechauns of Munster

Davey and Riobhca Cohan – Davey is the town inventor and best friend to Tony Fallon. Riobhca is his wife.

Elizabeth and Boo – Proprietor of the Fitzpatrick Woolen Mills. Boo occasionally saves the day.

Sam and Dann Briscoe – Sam is the proprietor of the News and Tobacco Shop. Dann is his son.

Sean and Michael Hogan – Bartender and owner of Hogan’s pub. Michael is his brother and does the cooking.

Jax – Intrepid reporter for the Munster Express.

Tadhg Sweeney – the town barber, named for Sweeney Todd

Washington Hopper – Owner of the Nighthawks Diner. He is a native of New Jersey who immigrated to Ireland a year ago. He is named for Edward Hopper, the painter of Nighthawks

An Fear Dubh – Also known as “Nick,” the Fear Dubh (pron. FARR DOOV) is the personification of the Devil in Irish legends and folktales.

Emmet Roberts – local mechanic and owner of petrol station (named for Irish revolutionary, Robert Emmet, and Emmet, the owner of the fix-it shop in Mayberry)

The Banshee – Supernatural being with mystical powers. She wails before a death (and also at other times…)



David Julius – church organist at St. Brigid’s

Thomas Davis – newspaper editor (named for Thomas Davis, the publisher of The Nation)

Judge Lynch – The judge in Ballinabricky

Mayor Michael Butler – The town mayor

Daithi – the postman (named for David McFeely, the delivery man on Mister Roger’s Neighborhood)

Fr. Charles O’Malley – parish priest (named after the character played by Bing Crosby in Going My Way and The Bells of St. Mary’s and Gene Kelly in the Going My Way TV series.

Sister Mary Ratched – The superior of the local convent. She also teaches the children of Ballinabricky at Coláiste Brógán during the daytime. She was named for Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

Sister Annella – Named for Annella Zervas, Sister Annella is a young, optimistic, cheerful nun.

Sister Rita – Named for St. Rita de Cascia

Sister Therese – Named for St. Therese of the Child Jesus (i.e. “The Little Flower”). The youngest nun in the convent, Sister Therese is always looking to do kindness to those she meets.

Saoirse lego


Sarah Tillane – wealthy widow; she is kind, but has a temper if she’s pushed (named for a character from The Quiet Man)

Dr. Thom and Erica Barry – Doc Barry is the town physician and chemist. His brother in New York sent him a baseball cap from the New York Giants, which he never takes off. Erica is a photographer for the Munster Express.

Anne and Al Fallon – Mother and father of Tony Fallon

Pat and Jess Fallon and Percy – Brother and sister-in-law of Tony Fallon

Chief Joseph Fallon and Spot – The chief of the fire brigade, brother of Al Fallon.

Pat and Anne Hogan – Maternal grandparents of Tony Fallon. Pat is the town carpenter.

Angelo and Rosie Fallon – Paternal grandparents of Tony Fallon. Proprietors of the Ballinabricky Greengrocer’s

Brian and Caitlín Douglas – Brian is an importer of exotic cars, and is the reason there are so many rare autos plying the streets of Ballinabricky. Caitlín is the sister of Anne Fallon.

Alan and Margaret Douglas – Alan is the local pilot. Margaret had been the teacher at Coláiste Brógán before she retired and Tony Fallon replaced her.

Gordon and Nora Greene – Gordon Greene is an apprentice to Pat Hogan

The leprechauns of Munster – Coilin, Cormac, and Lughaidh

Niall Shillelagh – King of the leprechauns of Connacht

Declan McDormic – King of the leprechauns of Ulster

Dónaill Ó Dónaill – King of the leprechauns of Leinster

Cormac Fitzdrezel – King of the leprechauns of Meath and High King of All Leprechauns

Benandonner – Scottish Giant

Hugh Bailey – train conductor (named after a character from The Quiet Man)

Mr. Costello – train engineer (named for a character from The Quiet Man)

Mr. Molouney – Flag Man for train (named for a character from The Quiet Man)

Mickaleen Flynn – a diminutive drunkard who drives a cart for hire; he is also the local matchmaker (named for a character from The Quiet Man)

Fr. Peter Lonergan – parish priest (named after Ward Bond’s character in The Quiet Man)

Deacon Jones, Gufus, and Gallant – The deacon and altar boys at St. Brigid’s. (Deacon Jones was named for the famous football player, while Gufus and Gallant were named for the boys in the recurring comic strip in the children’s magazine, Highlights)

Msgr. Hugh O’Flaherty – pastor of St. Brigid’s Chapel (named after the real Hugh O’Flaherty [“the Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican”], and the character played by Gregory Peck in The Scarlet and the Black). For most stories until late 2017, he had a beard and wore a biretta and regular cassock.

Bert, Ernie, Danny Ó Freathail, and Chief O’Brien – The local constabulary. Chief O’Brien was named for Colm Meaney’s character on Star Trek.

Tally, Hoyle, Fournier, Bee – Four gamblers with sketchy pasts. They had been in the IRA during the civil war. They are named for playing card companies.

Rev. Cyril and Elizabeth Playfair – The local Protestant minister and his wife (named for characters from The Quiet Man)

Will Danaher and Feeney – A cantankerous local “gentleman farmer” and his toady (named for characters from The Quiet Man)

Captain Reynolds – Commander of troops in the Free State Army (named for Capt. Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly)

Walsh, Lyons, and Dalton – Veterans of the 1916 Easter Rising (named for people in the song, “The Valley of Knockanure”)

Sean, Mary Kate, and Tuckoo Thornton – Sean is an ex-boxer who spent most of his life in Ireland. Mary Kate is Will Danaher’s sister. (Sean and Mary Kate were named for characters from The Quiet Man, while Tuckoo is named for a character in James Joyce’s “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”)

Dermot Fahy, Hugh Forbes, and Barney- The local IRA (named for characters from The Quiet Man and the song, “Johnson’s Motor Car”)