The Dead – Ep. 48


The route listed on the schedule board was the actual route for the branch of the Great Southern Railways which would have passed through Ballinabricky (if it had existed) in the mid-30s.  I’ve put in the Ballinabricky stop where it would have been placed.


In this world, one train makes two round-trips from Cork to Dublin and back, which, of course, was not the actual schedule, but there you have it.  My obsession for detail does have its limits…


But a more important question is what should happen to Bosie?  He really crossed a line, but Oscar’s right, there’s no Irish law against raising the undead which would make him civilly or criminally responsible for the damage caused by the Slua.  What should happen to him?  Do you think this will change him somehow?  How do you think this will/should affect Oscar?

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