The Dead – Ep. 34


This strip was both fun and annoying on account of that long shot in the first cell.  I pretty much had to set up the entire town at once. It took almost an hour to get everything off the shelves and set up properly.  After all that, you still can’t see much of the side street…just a bit of the fire house behind the gas station.  There is a side street that runs parallel to this main street with a fire house, four town houses, and a small park.  Hopefully, those elements will be visible in future stories.


  1. Hello Anthony, How about having the first panel filling the entire page? That would make the image stand out and let the readers enjoy the scene and your MOC’s. It would also be a worthwhile return for all time you spent setting up the scene.

  2. Hm, that’s an interesting thought. Filling the entire page in all formats and browsers might be somewhat difficult to predict, but perhaps making the first (and also possibly the last) cell fill the space of two cells might work. I’ve done that with a final, odd-numbered cell a few times for things like the horse race near the beginning of this story arc. This entire story is already shot and loaded through the end of July, but I am working up the next one now…

    1. Hello Anthony,

      If you view my strip (especially The Claw episode part two), this gives you an idea of how one image fills the page. I use Serif software to create my comics, so possibly it is easier for me to do these large images.

      On another matter would you be interested in trying to write, ‘draw’ a Ballinabricky / Guard crossover story? I’m interested in having a go at producing a comic story with other creators as the professionals do. Just to see how the process works and what the results are. I’ve already done a Tranquility Base story using Louise Dade’s creations, but I did this on my own.
      It would be interesting to work with someone else on a project.

      I’m not suggesting to long a storyline and a script which we can both work on. The only Irish writer’s work, I am familiar with is Flann O’Brien especially his columns in The Irish Times. So perhaps we could come up with a series of sketchs using some of O’Brien’s characters / ideas and then link them together to make a short story? I’m happy to go with any other story ideas though.

      The story could be set in Ballinabricky (as the sets are already built). Perhaps you could do the art / photography and I’m happy to do the setting out of the photographs using the Serif software I use and the lettering. Hopefully that is a fair sharing out of the work. (Taking care to provide you with images in a format you can upload to your site). The finished work to be displayed on your webcomic blog and my site at the same time.

      Initial ideas – Ballinabricky has a railway station, so that’s perfect for The Guard to pay a visit to the town. Maybe he is arriving with Dr. Strabismus (whom God preserve) of Utrecht: eccentric scientist and inventor (created by J.B. Morton who wrote the daily humorous Beachcomber column for the Daily Express). Perhaps they have turned up to try out a new railway invention or to sort out some railway problem? Or something else. We could also throw in a angry Englishman who gets his come uppance at the end maybe? Captain Cross maybe?

      What do you think? Worth a go?

      Adrian (The Guard).

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