A Tour With Bram Stoker


I had originally intended to just feature Bram Stoker in this one.  After all, who else would be better to give a tour of the graveyard? Then I remembered the famous opening line of Peig’s autobiography, and I just couldn’t resist!


I have a new camera from when I first started making these models.  I was always very proud of the teeny-tiny  text that was still legible.  I’m going to have to play with some settings as I go along and figure out the optimal combination.


But back to Peig’s autobiography.  It was required reading for students in Ireland for a very long time.  It has garnered a reputation for being so depressing and difficult to get through that it was almost universally detested save by die-hard language enthusiasts who consider it a priceless example of both the language and Peig’s bygone lifestyle.  Have any of you out there read it? Do any of you have strong opinions one way or the other?



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