Trouble in the Glen — Ep. 45





Read this story from the beginning here.


  1. Haha, poor guy!
    Love this set BTW, noticed it also in one of your earlier stories. I always liked parks, and this one is so connected to your town, a quiet place (well… not now, but you know what I mean 😉 )

    I have one tip, if you don’t mind. Always change everybody between shots (unless wanted by the story). Otherwise it looks asif the world is standing still around the central scene (like panel 2/ 4 and panel 7/ 8). Also make bystanders react (like in the last panel the couple may be looking at the biker with their hands up, the guy in the back might have had his head turned back to see what is going on). It’ll make your scenes even more alive!

    1. Excellent point. I used to do that, but for awhile I’ve wondered if it was really noticeable and worth the trouble. I guess it is, haha.

      As for the park, I have another park planned for the other end of town, but it won’t exist until I add the next two buildings I’ve designed. That will have to wait for the budget. One of them would be my most impressive undertaking yet.

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