Trouble in the Glen — Ep. 27

So, the pub has been selling more product thanks to Brendan’s increased demand, and now the EEP will take a greater share of the pub’s profits.   Brendan is acting self-destructively, which is leaving him with a lack of funds, so Sean offers to give the productive funds he took from the pub to him in order to subsidize his self-destructive behavior.  When Brendan spends that money back at the pub, Sean will undoubtedly be return with his little clipboard, and the cycle will continue…




Read this story from the beginning here.


  1. Great torso on the bartender!
    These days I’m really thinking about lighting in comics/ photography.
    This is one of your sets that could really benefit from experimenting a bit with lighting in my humble opinion. However, I know how difficult it is to (try to) improve lighting and with the already excellent quality of your stories, I can imagine that experimenting with the lighting might take too much time (does this last sentence make sense to you 😛 I have trouble writing exactly what I mean).

    1. Oh, your comment makes perfect sense. The torso for the bartender is the old Han Solo torso. There is a vest torso I like better, but I use it for several different townspeople, and I wanted the bartender’s vest to be unique because he is sort of a character in his own right.

      I agree that the lighting in the pub is hard to shoot in. I have taken to shooting in the lower level with the top level off, but for some wider shots I find I need to leave it on. I’m thinking of constructing some sort of extension to the walls that I would just put on when I have the upper floor removed so that I could still photograph inside without having to worry about catching a gap where the ceiling is supposed to be.

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