Overruled – Ep. 38


What a gentleman!  What say we let karma sort this thing out?

Follow this story from the beginning here.


  1. It strikes me as strange that Wolfgang doesn’t ‘deal’ with Lizzie immediately… I guess he has his reasons. Ballinabricky could do with some streetlights it seems, btw. 🙂

    1. He defers dealing with her for several reasons.

      First, he really wants O’Sharkey, who is rapidly escaping into the night. We know he’s headed for his office, but Wolfgang doesn’t.

      Second, he dropped his gun in the dark when O’Sharkey knocked them both over, and if he wastes time looking for it and/or dealing with the girl “manually,” O’Sharkey will get away.

      Lastly, he may ultimately not come back for the girl at all. It’s not like he’s planning on staying in Ireland, nor is there any particular need to hide his guilt from the authorities. He’s already a wanted man who was convicted of attempted murder and larceny, and he is sure to be connected with the arson and now another murder he plans to commit. Oh, and the whole reason he’s not in jail now is because he was a party to a state-level forgery perpetrated on the court.

      I’d say he’s more than worn out his welcome in the Free State. He’s not planning on getting caught, but if he does, it’s not like the witness is going to matter much.

      Right now, he wants revenge and escape. If he can take care of the girl, too, that’s gravy…but it’s not necessary (and it might even cost him his getaway).

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