Overruled – Ep. 27


Gee…that seems mighty fishy!

Follow this story from the beginning here.


  1. Hmm, so if the police would have accused them, the mystery would’ve lasted a bit longer it seems.

    BTW, yesterday I saw a movie ‘Calvary”. Not considering the heavy subjectmatter and **** it really gave me a Ballinabricky-vibe and I almost saw the story unfold in Lego before my eyes. I like these ‘small’ movies set in an everbody-knows-everybody-town.

    1. My parents saw that movie, but I haven’t gotten to yet. Mom spoiled the ending, so it took a bit of the motivation out of it for me. Still, it’s on my list.

      Remember, though, we actually saw the fire get set and the meetings which arranged the whole thing. Hugh Fahy and the lads might be in the dark even still, but I had to keep moving things along for the readers who know who the real culprits are.

      Plus, now we’ve got the sadistic Wolfgang Adler running around as a free man…

      1. I meant to say: “the mystery for the local police” 🙂

        The ending was what I meant by ****. To be honest, even if you know the ending the movie is worth seeing because of the priest, I was spoiled too beforehand.

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