Overruled – Ep. 11


I’m going to try to do more with facial expressions.  I figured out a few photoshop methods AFTER I did these, which is why the face is a little too bright.


Follow this story from the beginning here.


  1. Maybe a stupid question, but why not physically swap the faces? This looks like a lot of work getting the angles, coloring and lighting on the face right. It is cool though that you give so much attention to expressions. A lot of Lego comics don’t pay any attention to them… and it often distracts me from the story.

  2. I will be doing that in future stories. I didn’t have all the faces I needed, and some are not made with the right glasses or facial hair, so I decided to experiment with photoshop this time. I’ve ordered more heads now, so physical swapping will be the way from now on.

  3. This is also my problem… if I would buy all the heads, hairs and bodies which I need, *uff* I will be a poor man… ;-p

    @Foolish Lego: I love your photos!

    1. It was more like a) most of my recurring characters have distinctive facial hair or glasses which don’t come in many expressions and b) I hadn’t thought until recently that my ability to tell a story was suffering for lack of facial expressions. I’ve since purchased a good smattering of male and female faces, but something tells me I will still be photoshopping bits and pieces.

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