Overruled – Ep. 6


Briscoe is a man with “connections.”  Also, Lego hands, pinched, make great smoking pipes!

Follow this story from the beginning here.


    1. A lien is a claim you can place against someone’s property when they owe you a debt they don’t/haven’t/won’t pay. If the debt goes unpaid, the creditor gets the property. This is different than putting that property up for collateral at the time of a loan, as this is frequently done in cases where there is no loan at all (unpaid child support, a court settlement for damages, that sort of thing), although it can be over something as simple as a loan.


      Perhaps the simplest form is when you buy a house using a mortgage, the bank has a lien on the property. You haven’t posted the house as collateral, since you don’t own it. If you don’t pay the mortgage, the bank can take the house back (foreclosure). But there are ways you can put a lien on property which the other person didn’t agree to, like in those cases I mentioned above.

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