Overruled – Ep. 3


Oh, these two are such charming guys…

Follow this story from the beginning here.


  1. Now, that is a wonderful start with two already interesting characters! Will one of them take it too far and cause the other to back down in the end? Will they both stay as ruthless as they say. Will the lawyer stay within the boundaries of the law…. do they have a soft spot?
    Besides, this it’s good to see more places within Ballinbricky again. 🙂

    1. Haha! Will their nefarious plans be “overruled”?

      This is indeed a location we haven’t seen in the strip before, and I’m working on two more. This is one of the two offices I put atop the recreation of the diner from the “Nighthawks” painting. I’m building the structure that sits next door to it right now — a bank and newspaper office.

      I really liked your “behind the scenes” blog post on your own site. I wish my own setup allowed for a light-diffusing curtain and a bigger camera. Alas…

      1. Maybe its an idea to build the houses so that they can be taken apart. Remove the roof (maybe highten the walls a little), remove the floor and only connect two walls (like in the first picture of my blogpost) so you’ll have more room to play with the light and camera-angles?

        1. Oh, I do. All the roofs come off, and I used to build the walls with hinges. Now, I build them with break-away walls (usually two, but in some cases all four). Second storeys also come off (all are just held by a 1×2 at each corner and flat tiles in between).

          My issue is more that my outside shots require the entire town to be set up and the background boards propped behind, making it just too big to enclose in a light filter. I also have only one room which is good to work in, which is still not a great place to work.

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