The Rising Of The Moon – Ep. 17


The Rising Of The Moon episode 17 -Poor Old Granuaile

“Granuaile” is a real song, linked here.  Grainne Uaile or Grainne Mhaol was another name for Grace O’Malley (spelled Grainne Ní Mháille). She was the female chieftain of a Connacht clan, and lived between 1530 and 1603.   She was termed “The Sea Queen,” as she engaged in a very successful and famous campaign of piracy (yes, she was a pirate captian, too), extracting “taxes” and capturing ships as well as castles.  She even met Queen Elizabeth I, and refused to bow as she didn’t recognize the legitimacy of the authority she claimed over Ireland.

Follow this story from the beginning here.

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