The Travail Of Passion – Ep. 24


The creature is the Dearg Due, a proto-vampire from old Irish legend.  In the traditional story, she was a pretty girl who had a similar marriage mishap to what I have depicted in this story.  She is reputed to be buried under Strongbow’s Tree in Wexford.  The locals pile rocks on the spot to keep her in her grave.  If she escapes from it, the legend says that she will go around attacking men in revenge for the cruelty she experienced in life.

I’ve tried to keep to that general scheme. The only reason she’s hunting for Maud is because Maud is special to Willie.


  1. I think the action in this episode takes place a little to much in the dark BUT I really like this comic! I started following last week and everytime find myself wondering how it’ll go on. I put a link to your comic on my own site (i hope that’s o.k. otherwise, let me know). I use these links myself to see when something is updated so I won’t miss a thing.
    You’ve got a new follower 🙂

    1. Thanks! I have been playing with my settings, and my “night” shots have gotten much better. I shoot them all in advance (I’m loaded up to 10/15), so there may be a few more that are a bit on the dim side, but I’ve got that sorted out now.

      I do have a link to your comic on my own, and I appreciate the link back!.

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