Day: July 11, 2014

The Travail Of Passion – Ep. 15


In France, Oscar Wilde got a curly haircut he described as “Neronian.”

He moved there when he was released from prison. He had been disgraced. His wife, who loved him, cut ties with him for the good of their children, who never saw their father again.  Theaters stopped running his plays, and those that did, did so without his name. The schools he attended removed his name from the award plaques on which they appeared, and he was left destitute.  He had to rely on the kindness of the few friends he had left.

Eventually, he restarted his relationship with Bosie, but that lasted only a few months.  In the end, witty, humorous, good-natured Oscar died penniless, broken-hearted, and lonesome in a foreign land.